Kenneth Dumack

I am Kenneth Dumack, a biologist and phD student working in the field of protistology. Some years ago, during my bachelor studies, I started to explore the astonishing world of protists. Since then I absolved several modules associated with different research fields all around protistology, such as their ecology, diversity, biotechnology (of microalgae) and phylogeny. My main interest is in species descriptions, phylogeny and autecology of non-bacteriovorous protists. I focus on amoebae and amoeboflagellates in soils, but also in freshwater systems. This website is meant to give an overview about my publications, interests and qualifications.

Work experience

10/2014 - present
Safety advisor in the Terrestrial Ecology, University of Cologne.
01/2012 - 04/2015
Scientific assistant in Michael Bonkowski's lab: Terrestrial Ecology with focus on protozoans, especially amoebae.
10/2013 - 01/2014
Internship at Hartmut Arndt's lab: limnic ecology, University of Cologne, with focus on protozoans, especially heterotrophic flagellates.
08/2013 - 10/2013
Internship at Sina Adl's lab: Department of Soil Science - University of Saskatchewan, Canada.
10/2012 - 08/2013
Multiple subject modules in Michael Melkonian's lab and ecology, with focus on genetical and morphological analyses of the biodiversity in heterotrophic and autotrophic protists and biotechnology of microalgae.
07/2011 - 09/2011
Internship at the Biologische Station Bonn with focus on ongoing field studies in renaturation of several habitat types and species preservation.


Kenneth Dumack, Christina Baumann, Michael Bonkowski (2016). "Revision of the testate amoeba genus Lecythium (Chlamydophryidae, Tectofilosida, Cercozoa, Rhizaria) including the description of four new species and an identification key." (status: in review)

Kenneth Dumack, Robert Koller, Bettina Weber, Michael Bonkowski (2016). "Estimated heterotrophic protist abundances and their diversity in South African biological soil crusts." (status: in press)

Kenneth Dumack, Julia Schuster, David Bass, Michael Bonkowski (2016). "A Novel Lineage of 'Naked Filose Amoebae'; Kraken carinae gen. nov. sp. nov. (Cercozoa) with a Remarkable Locomotion by Disassembly of its Cell Body." Protist

Poster Kraken carinae

Kenneth Dumack, Marina Müller, Michael Bonkowski (2016). "Description of Lecythium terrestris sp. nov. (Chlamydophryidae, Cercozoa), a Soil Dwelling Protist Feeding on Fungi and Algae." Protist

A video of a Lecythium terrestris culture, growing and starving:

Stefan Geisen, Robert Koller, Maike Hünninghaus, Kenneth Dumack, Tim Urich, Michael Bonkowski (2016). "The soil food web revisited: Diverse and widespread mycophagous soil protists." Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Walter S. Andriuzzi, Phuong-Thi Ngo, Stefan Geisen, Aidan M. Keith, Kenneth Dumack, Thomas Bolger, Michael Bonkowski, Lijbert Brussaard, Jack H. Faber, Abad Chabbi, Cornelia Rumpe, Olaf Schmidt (2015). "Organic matter composition and the protist and nematode communities around anecic earthworm burrows." Biology and Fertility of Soils doi:10.1007/s00374-015-1056-6

Conferences & Contributions

35th annual meeting of the German Society for Protozoology
Oral presentation "A bowl with marbles; the fungal and algal-eating amoeba genus Lecythium (Chlamydophryidae, Tectofilosida, Cercozoa, Rhizaria) revisited; phylogeny and the description of four new species"
Poster presentation "The base of cercomonad radiation is still in for a surprise, Kraken gen. nov."
Second winner of the presentation award and the poster award.

Guest talk in the University of Göttingen, invited by Valentyna Krashevska
Title: "Lecythium, the neglected testate amoebae. Insight into phylogeny, morphology and ecology with focus on L. terrestris sp. nov."

34th annual meeting of the German Society for Protozoology
Oral presentation "Lecythium terrestris, its morphology, phylogeny and autecology."
Winner of the presentation award.